Our Courses
We have a list of courses that provides up to date study material for students. our courses are job-oriented and certified by indian goverment.
Short Name Subject Name Duration
CCT Certificate Course In Tally 3 Months
CCA Certificate In Computer Application 3 Months
DMM Diploma In Mobile Maintenance 3 Months
DIT Diploma In Information Technology 6 Months
DTP Diploma In Desktop Publishing 6 Months
DCA Diploma In Computer Application 6 Months
DCCA Diploma Course In Computer Accounting 6 Months
DOA Diploma In Office Automation 6 Months
DHT Diploma In Hardware Technology 6 Months
ADCA Advance Diploma In Computer Application 12 Months
CTTC Computer Teacher Training Course 12 Months
ADOAP Advance Diploma In Office Automation & Publishing 12 Months
CWD Certificate Course In Web Designing 12 Months
ADHNT Advance Diploma In Hardware & Networking Technology 12 Months
ADIT Advance Diploma In Information Technology 12 Months
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